Hellooo :)
I'm Nylaa Jameela - a sexy, gorgeous 23yo English Independent student and part time masseuse. My looks are quite exotic due to my Egyptian & Persian roots, perfect combo if you ask me!! :) I enjoy:
Exploring a new city or a new area of London by just walking around until a local bar or restaurant inspires me to stroll in.
Going off the social media grid whilst on holiday or visiting family.
Continually learning and developing myself through reading, workshops and courses.
My job - there is nothing better than giving and/or receiving massage & BJ! I LOVE LOVE giving ORAL
CHOCOLATE!! It was my first love, and it's often my treat of choice ;))
I'm a fan of life's creature comforts, for example, good food, fresh mint tea and hot chocolate now the weather's turned chilly. I laugh easily. And like a robust but not-too-serious debate about something current.

Values I believe in - freedom, creativity, connection, playfulness, joy, authenticity, integrity and openness.

Favourite places: London - Hampstead, Primrose Hill, the parks and galleries, independent cafes and cinemas.
Holidays - New York, Bali, Italy, South of France, Berlin, Scandinavia, European city breaks.

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