Nylaa Jameela

Imagine that terrific but oh-so-brief moment of orgasm lasting longer and longer and being a place you can return to numerous times in one session of massage! Let me tell you, it's possible ;)

Edging Massage provides an opportunity to expand the pleasure. I can transform erotic pleasure from a few minutes to as long as you like! To begin with edging, the most important part is to go slow! Probably you are used to a pretty fast stroke to get hard. A fast stroke will bring a lot of erotic energy into the genitals quickly; most likely you will get hard quickly too. However, so much energy gets concentrated in the genitals that often you will ejaculate quickly too.

Edging is about getting close to that point of ejaculatory inevitability - that place where you are going shoot; nothing will stop it. Just before that point is a place of amazing pleasure. I love to spend a long time teasing and edging so if you like this then you will love what I do, but you can have more or less , up to you.

Edging Massage ~ assisted shower, body to body massage, EDGING massage & prolonged BLOW JOB:
60minutes: £140      90minutes: £190      120minutes: £240